• Port Arthur

    Port Arthur, Texas

    Located 90 miles east of downtown Houston and 18 miles south of Beaumont, Texas on Interstate Highway 87, the Port Arthur plant has been in operation since 1954.  The plant was originally part of a larger refinery built by Gulf in 1901.  In 1960 the first cyclohexane unit started operation and in 1970 the ethylene unit came online. In 1985, the facility was purchased by Chevron Corporation. 
    In 1995, the refinery portion of the plant was sold to Clark (Premcor). In 1997, the ethylene unit was expanded to world-scale capacity.  In 2004, cyclohexane operations were expanded with the completion and subsequent start-up of a large, world-scale cyclohexane production unit.

    Products Produced

    Ethylene - Basic building block for plastics and elastomers, a raw material for chemicals used to make paints, household detergents and antifreeze, and a feedstock for the manufacture of polyethylene, NAO and styrene.
    Propylene - Simple olefin building block used for various plastics and fibers, as a raw material for the production of paints, detergents and resins, and as a feedstock for the manufacture of polypropylene.
    Cyclohexane - Feedstock primarily used for the manufacture of nylon.

    Contact Us

    Port Arthur Plant
    2001 S. Gulfway Drive
    Port Arthur, TX 77640
    P.O. Box 1547
    Porth Arthur, TX 77641-1547

    Phone: (409) 985-0700
    Fax: (409) 985-0750


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