• Orange

    Orange, Texas

    Located 114 miles east of downtown Houston off of Interstate Highway 10, the Orange, TX plant has been in operation since 1955. The site has two HDPE reactors. 

    Products Produced

    High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Gas Phase Unit - A resin converted into plastic pipe, merchandise bags, milk jugs, food and beverage containers, household chemical and detergent bottles, pails, drums and auto gas tanks.

    High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Particle Form C Loop - A resin converted into corrugated plastic pipe, decking boards, and one-gallon milk jugs.

    Oxygen Scavenging Polymer - Incorporated into blown bottles and film applications to scavenge oxygen from inside the container, in order to keep foods fresher longer.

    Contact Us

    Orange Chemical Plant
    5309 Farm Market Road 1006
    Orange, TX 77630

    Phone: (409) 886-7491
    Fax: (409) 882-6052

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