• Borger

    Borger, TX

    Located 51 miles northeast of downtown Amarillo, TX, on State Spur 119, the Borger, TX plant has been in operation since 1944. The Borger Plant contains both a specialty chemicals facility and plastics manufacturing. The specialty chemicals facility was built in 1944 as a research unit to the Borger Refinery.

    In 1956, the plant was classified as commercial and today produces more than 60 distinct chemical compounds used worldwide. The plant has both continuous and batch operations in both dedicated and multi-purpose equipment. This flexibility allows for numerous opportunities to perform custom synthesis. Solvay Polymers is co-located at Borger which encompasses approximately 66 acres.

    Sustainable Operations

    Safety & Environment
    At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we believe in working safely or not at all. That’s why safety is our top priority at all our facilities. Our company creates products and services that make life better for people around the world - both today and tomorrow. As a matter of policy, Chevron Phillips Chemical strives to manufacture, handle, transport and dispose of its chemical products 100 percent safely. 
    Community Involvement
    Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Borger facility actively supports the local community.  
    • United Way
    • HOPE
    • Hutchinson County Livestock
    • United Way Day of Caring
    • Coffee Memorial Blood Bank Drives
    • Ducks Unlimited 
    • Snack Pak 4 Kids
    Academic Support
    Chevron Phillips Chemical believes in supporting educational initiatives to help foster interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), as well as other educational endeavors to strengthen the local industry. Academic support includes:
    • Sponsorship of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Plastivan to 8th graders at a local middle school
    • Engineering Week
    • Supports yearly science project for grade schools in Hutchinson County
    • Frank Phillips College Grant Project for $378,000 issued by Texas Workforce Commission
    • The Chevron Phillips Mentor and Scholarship Program at Frank Phillips College

    Products Produced

    Organosulfur Chemicals - Sulfur chemical intermediates, including mercaptans, sulfides, polysulfides, and sulfolane that are used in the odorization of propane and natural gas (Scentinel® gas odorants), animal nutrition supplements, agricultural chemicals, and as modifiers in rubber and plastic production.
    High-purity hydrocarbons and solvents - High-purity chemicals including performance proven normal paraffins, cycloparaffins and isoparaffins, including Soltrol® isoparaffin solvents, used in various pharmaceutical, industrial, electronics and consumer applications.
    Performance & reference fuels - Specialty high-ocatane fuels for calibration engine testing and development, and high-performance engines such as NASCAR racecars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, jet skis and snowmobiles.
    Mining chemicals - Petroleum distillates, organosulfur and other mineral processing chemicals used in recovery of copper, molybdenum and other metals from one.


    Contact Us

    Spur 119 North
    Borger, TX 79008

    Phone: (806) 275-5500
    Fax: (806) 275-5904


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