Bloomfield, Iowa

    The Bloomfield facility is located in the southeastern corner of Iowa on 38 acres of land. The Bloomfield Plant is the only injection-molding site within Performance Pipe.  In 2001, a 12,500 sq ft addition was erected; making the total combined square footage 77,500 sq ft. 

    Products Produced

    High and medium density polyethylene DriscoPlex® - Gravity flow and pressure pipe systems designed for landfill, coal bed, natural gas gathering, underground gas distribution and service, water and wastewater distribution, odor control, manholes, process piping, slurry and tailings lines in the mining industry, geothermal downhole loop and horizontal closed loop, underground municipal and industrial fire/water distribution, and flame retardent tubing for pneumatic controls throughout North America.

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    Performance Pipe Plant
    412 West 230th Street
    Bloomfield, IA 52537

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