• Al Jubail SPCo

    Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Polymers Company is a joint venture company formed in 2007, owned by a Chevron Phillips Chemical subsidiary (35 percent) and National Petrochemicals Company (Petrochem) (65 percent), a joint stock company incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Products Produced

    Polyethylene - A resin converted into plastic pipe, merchandise bags, milk jugs, food and beverage containers, household chemical and detergent bottles, pails and drums.
    Polypropylene - Converted into a variety of durable and consumer applications including textiles, fibers, films, caps and closures, housewares and rigid packaging.
    Polystyrene - Polystyrene resins offer consistent clarity, processability and performance which make them well-suited for a variety of applications, including food packaging, lighting, packaging, dinnerware, medical ware, toys, gloss laminations and bottles.
    1-Hexene - Mixed with ethylene, isobutane and catalyst in the production of polyethylene.

    Contact Information 

    Saudi Polymers Company (SPCo)
    P.O. Box 11221
    Jubail Industrial City 31961, Saudi Arabia

    Phone: 966 3-356-8222