Our Commitment to Safety

At Chevron Phillips Chemical, safety is more than a priority - it is engrained in our company culture.  Seventeen of the company’s U.S. sites have received the STAR designation through OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program. Globally, our facilities practice stringent processes to maintain the safe operation of company assets around the globe. 

Our safety record has improved significantly since the company’s inception in 2000 and we consistently earn top-quartile status for safety in our industry.

Much of this success can be attributed to Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Tenets of Operation. The guiding principles of our Tenets are:

• Work safely or not at all.
• There is always time to do it right.
• If it’s worth doing, do it better.

The Tenets empower Chevron Phillips Chemical employees at all levels to detect problems and respond appropriately in a timely manner, thus preventing injuries and incidents. At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility. This corporate philosophy combined with the Tenets, helps our employees arrive at work and go home safely, with zero injuries or incidents.