International Opportunities

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC operates on a global scale with facilities in the United States, Colombia, Belgium, South Korea, China, Singapore, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. We are building new state-of-the-art facilities from the ground up in locations around the world. This means there will be many opportunities for motivated, achievement-oriented individuals to gain international experience. 

Living and working in different countries affords the opportunity to learn international approaches to research and problem solving, gain an appreciation for cultural and value differences, and practice leadership skills in a different context.

Depending on the country and assignment, Chevron Phillips Chemical and its affiliates can offer compensation and relocation benefits such as:
  • In-country salary uplift premium
  • Housing and/or housing allowances
  • Transportation assistance
  • In-country medical/dental coverage
  • Relocation assistance
  • Annual home leave
  • Bonus potential, and more.

Visit the Job Openings section to find out what international opportunities are available at Chevron Phillips Chemical today. We also encourge you to visit the online recruitment portal for our affiliate companies, Saudi Chevron Phillips, Jubail Chevron Phillips Company, and Saudi Polymers Company and apply online.