Education Assistance

Higher education's skyrocketing price tag has put it out of reach for many; but for Chevron Phillips Chemical employees who have the desire to either finish or continue their education, the company offers a Tuition Reimbursement Program to help.

After successful completion of approved courses, Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Educational Refund Policy (ERP) provides reimbursement for a percentage of tuition, registration and required administration fees. This reimbursement can be used for:

  • Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs 
  • Non-degree certificate programs
  • Business school, correspondence school, or vocational-trade school non-degree courses
  • Maintaining a professional certificate, license, or registration

To be eligible for the ERP, an employee's course of study must:

  • Be directly related to your current position,
  • Enhance your potential to advance to a position within Chevron Phillips Chemical, or
  • Contribute to your overall professional development.

Employees may enroll in up to six credit hours a semester, but these courses must be taken on your own time and should not conflict with normal hours of employment or work duties.

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