Why Choose Us?

We’re investing billions of dollars into our facilities around the world and that means tremendous opportunities for our people. We’re looking for additional talented individuals to join our team. With 36 manufacturing and research facilities in the US, Singapore, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Colombia and Belgium; you will have the opportunity to work on meaningful assignments that have the potential to truly make a difference. 

Read more below to find out why approximately 5,000 people have chosen Chevron Phillips Chemical as their professional destination.

At Chevron Phillips Chemical, employees have the opportunity to succeed and grow in an environment where advancement and rewards depend upon performance, ability, and contribution to corporate goals.
Safety Commitment
Safety is ingrained in our company culture. Seventeen of the company’s U.S. sites have received OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program’s STAR designation.
Community Spirit
At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we believe that real benefits can be gained by establishing effective relationships in our communities. That’s why the corporation donates funds to worthy causes and we encourage employees to similarly make a positive impact.
Work / Life Balance
Everyone leads such incredibly busy lives today. We recognize that time off is a necessity for maintaining productivity and effectiveness. Our work/life initiatives help you strike a better balance between the demands you have at work and the time you need to recharge your professional batteries.  ​
Diversity & Inclusion
At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we view diversity as more than just a country of origin, age, or race.  Diversity is about the blending of experience levels, cultures, talents, competencies, differing perspectives, and decision-making styles. We embrace a culture that respects unique differences and recognizes the perspectives of all our employees. ​
Research & Technology
We have two research and development centers worldwide.  These facilities provide full-scale petrochemical and polymer research including new catalyst development, product and process development and commercial process support. ​
Chevron Phillips Chemical and its affiliates produce chemicals that are essential to manufacturing more than 70,000 consumer and industrial products. These products serve an array of markets and range from food packaging to cleaner fuels and biodegradable solvents to life-saving medicines.​
Worldwide Operations
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC operates on a global scale and much of our future growth will be tied to international expansion. We are building new state-of-the-art facilities from the ground up in locations around the world. ​
Benefits & Rewards
Chevron Phillips Chemical provides you with a comprehensive benefits program that addresses your physical, mental and financial health.​