Polyethylene units in Old Ocean, Texas, are mechanically complete

    Six years ago, Chevron Phillips Chemical was the first company to announce a study to build new petrochemical assets along the U.S. Gulf Coast in early recognition that the shale gas revolution in the United States was real and would provide abundant feedstocks to fuel a new wave of investment. Since that time, many others have followed suit and there are now more than $100 billion of announced or under construction projects that are poised to make the U.S. Gulf Coast the world leader in petrochemical production.
    The first of our new assets, the two polyethylene (PE) units located in Old Ocean, Texas, have now reached the major milestone of mechanical completion. While mechanical completion does not mean these powerful and technology-laden plants are producing product yet, it does mean that we are one step closer to start-up. As this next commissioning phase continues we will conduct a series of rigorous systems checks and certifications to ensure the first shipment of pellets is the exacting high-quality our customers around the globe demand. And, of course, we will continue to focus our attention on safely and reliably starting-up this new facility.
    We have been preparing for this day for years, and the thousands of employees and contractors who have worked tirelessly to help design and build these new PE units deserve every accolade we can bestow upon them. We also want to thank the community surrounding Old Ocean for its support as we built these world-scale assets. In turn, we know that as a partner in the community, the new PE units and the jobs that accompany them will make the community stronger and more vibrant. And from Old Ocean, we will be shipping products to customers across the country and around the world to enrich the lives of consumers by helping to keep food fresh longer through advanced flexible film packaging designs; building PE pipe for infrastructure projects that elevate the standard of living in affected communities; and applying our products and technologies to uses not yet imagined.
    We are proud of the progress we have made on construction, focused on safely bringing these assets on-line and we are excited about the future for our company and the economy of the Gulf Coast as we pursue our vision of becoming the world’s premier petrochemical company.
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