Testing helps prepare USGC Petrochemicals Project to come online

    As we gear up to bring our U.S. Gulf Coast Petrochemicals Project online there are many tests that go into ensuring equipment safety and reliability. Two integral components include loop checks and hydrotests.

    Loop checks test the instruments in the field to ensure continuity of wiring back to the control room. This confirms that the measuring devices in the field are working properly and are communicating correctly to the control room.

    Hydrotests check the quality of our pipes to ensure we have no leaks. This is done by isolating a section of piping and filling it with water to raise the pressure of the piping to one and a half times the design pressure.

    Cedar Bayou has 350 miles of pipe and Old Ocean has 600,000 feet of pipe, all of which will be tested to ensure safe and reliable operations.

    Watch the video to learn more about these tests.

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