di-tert-butyl polysulfide (TBPS 454)

Automotive & Transportation

Metal Working Additives: We provide a variety of chemicals used in lubricant intermediates to produce additives as well as final components to improve lubricant performance in base oils and metal working fluids.

Refinery Applications

TBPS 454 is a sulfiding agent, which is used along with a reducing agent such as hydrogen, to transform metal oxide species to a metallic sulfide crystalline phase in situ for hydrotreating catalysts. For in situ sulfiding, the reaction is performed inside the process unit for complete control and to achieve maximum catalyst activity and safe handling.
TBPS 454 is also used to reduce the layer of coke that forms within furnaces and improve the run length, yield and life of furnaces.


Unlike other sulfiding agents, TBPS 454 is not classified as a flammable material. It also has a low toxicity rating. TBPS 454 has a diesel-like odor, a more friendly and common smell for refineries. TBPS 454 also starts to convert to H2S at the lowest temperature compared to other sulfiding agents, lowering the risk of reduction of metals and potentially lessening the time of the sulfiding operation. The hydrocarbon byproduct during a sulfiding operation for TBPS454 is isobutane, which does not have the potential to dilute hydrogen in the recycle gas during a sulfiding operation.
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Synonyms: Di-tert-butyl Polysulfide, TBPS 454