Dimethyl Sulfide

Food and Nutrition Applications

To help the agricultural industry flourish in its efforts to maintain fertile land, grow crops and raise healthy livestock, Chevron Phillips Chemical produces agrochemical intermediates such as Dimethyl Sulfide.
Dimethyl Sulfide is also used as a flavor and fragrance intermediate, which enriches the aroma and flavor of certain consumer products. 

Natural Gas & Propane Applications

Our gas odorants are produced from high quality feedstocks, ensuring a reliable and effective product.

Steam Cracker Applications

Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) is a presulfiding agent for steam cracking, the process that turns hydrocarbons into ethylene and propylene, which is used for olefin-based products. DMS is added to the feedstock to reduce coke and carbon monoxide formation during the high temperature thermal cracking of hydrocarbons in the tubular reactors. The deposition of coke on the boundary layer can significantly affect the run length, yields, and the coil life of a pyrolysis furnace. In addition, carbon monoxide is a poison for downstream catalysts. DMS acts as an efficient H2S precursor, which allows for H2S to form at the metal interface.The sulfur is absorbed to inhibit reactions.
DMS directly and completely decomposes to H2S at 1470°F (although some trace CS2 may remain), suitable for furnace operating temperatures. DMS usually requires only one injection point in the charge gas as DMS will disperse fairly well throughout the furnace system.
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Synonyms: Methylthiomethane, DMS