Dimethyl Disulfide

Food and Nutrition Applications

To help the agricultural industry flourish in its efforts to maintain fertile land, grow crops and raise healthy livestock, Chevron Phillips Chemical produces agrochemical intermediates such as Dimethyl Disulfide.

Dimethyl Disulfide is also used as a flavor and fragrance intermediate, which enriches the aroma and flavor of certain consumer products.

Refinery Applications

Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) is a sulfiding agent, which is used along with a reducing agent such as hydrogen, to transform metal oxide species to a metallic sulfide crystalline phase in situ for hydrotreating catalysts. For in situ sulfiding, the reaction is performed inside the process unit for complete control and to achieve maximum catalyst activity and safe handling.
DMDS can also be used as a passivation agent to reduce the layer of coke that forms within furnaces and improve the run length, yield and life of furnaces.

Compared to other sulfiding agents, DMDS has the highest sulfur content, which reduces the amount of product required for converting oxides to active metal sulfides. Thermally stable with low viscosity, DMDS is suitable for gas- or liquid-phase injection. It begins to decompose to H2S at low temperatures, so the risks of reducing the metal oxides prior to sulfiding are eliminated. In addition, DMDS also decomposes in two steps, further minimizing the risk of temperature excursions during sulfiding. 

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Synonyms: methyldithiomethane, DMDS