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     Specialty Chemicals


    Chevron Phillips Chemical is a global leader in the manufacture of specialty chemicals, which are marketed and distributed in more than 40 locations worldwide. Our products are utilized as raw materials, intermediates and end-use applications such as Scentinel® Natural Gas Odorants, EIII™ Fire Training Fluids, EcoSolv® dry cleaning chemicals, and ForSField™ Protective Coating.

    Chevron Phillips Chemical's Specialty Chemicals group offers a range of sulfur-based products (mercaptans, sulfides, disulfides, and polysulfides) and hydrocarbon-based products (alkanes, Soltrol® Isoparaffins, diesel reference fuels, and gasoline reference fuels).

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    Hydrocarbon Fluids 
    Mining Chemicals 
    Other Specialty Chemicals 
    Specialty Organosulfur Compounds 
    Sulfides, Disulfides & Polysulfides 
    Performance Fuels 
    Reference Fuels 

    ForSField™ Protective Coatings 
    E-III® Fire Training Fluids 
    EcoSolv® Drycleaning Fluid 
    Polyanhydride Resins 
    Charcoal Lighter Distillates

    Introduction to Mineral Processing 
    Made-to-Order Test Fuels

    Chevron Phillips Chemical offers more than quality products. Our dedicated sales, customer service and technical support staff are stationed around the globe to provide you with prompt and knowledgeable assistance to meet your needs. And our research and development team is aggressively developing new products, searching for new applications and derivatives of existing products, and evaluating opportunities to form strategic partnerships in both new and existing technologies.

    See for yourself why Chevron Phillips Chemical is a respected name in specialty chemicals.  Browse our website and if you need further assistance or information regarding a specific product, please contact our Sales or Technical Support Team either by completing our Request Form or calling 1-800-858-4327.