Sulfole® 90 t-nonyl mercaptan

Sulfole® 90 mercaptan is also known as tert-nonyl mercaptan.  This product is a mixture of highly branched C9H19 alkyl mercaptan isomers, produced by the addition of hydrogen sulfide to propylene trimer.  It is used as a chemical intermediate to introduce tertiary C9H19 alkyl-thio substituents into molecules.  Another use is as a chain transfer agent to control molecular weight of polymeric systems undergoing free-radical polymerization. 

Automotive & Transportation

Lubricant Additives: We provide a variety of chemicals used in lubricant intermediates to produce additives as well as final components to improve lubricant performance in base oils and metal working fluids.
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Synonyms: tert-nonyl mercaptan, tert-nonanethiol,TNM, TC9SH