Soltrol® 130 Isoparaffin Solvents

Consumer & Industrial Applications

Cleaning Fluid: The Soltrol® portfolio of isoparaffinic solvents has a broad range of flash points to fit any cleaning need. Soltrols® have no odor and are compatible with almost all materials in the industry.
Electronics: Recognized as a leader in specialty chemicals, we are committed to providing and developing new and more efficient products, such as Soltrol® 130 isoparaffin solvent, in the electronics industry, particularly in the rapidly growing technology sector.
Hydrocarbon Solvents: Chevron Phillips Chemical produces a broad portfolio of hydrocarbons that are used across numerous major industries, from paint thinners to dry cleaning fluids to pharmaceuticals. 
Ink & Dye Additives: We offer hydrocarbon compounds that serve as ink carriers as well as sulfur chemicals that are effective solvents in digital image processing.
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Synonyms: Isoalkane, Aliphatic Hydrocarbon