Petrochemical Services

Sulfiding and Furnace Additives

In addition to supplying the additive chemicals for hydrotreater/hydrocracker catalyst sulfiding and olefin furnaces, Chevron Phillips Chemical offers a range of services to assist with your sulfiding job. Our superior, low-cost technical service charges include on-site support from experienced engineering and chemical personnel. We also utilize specially trained drivers to assure a low odor, uneventful additive delivery to your facility. Our technical experts are ready to consult with you about your sulfiding job before, during, and after the sulfidation. Some of the many aspects of catalyst sulfidation with which we can assist you include:

  • Recommended injection rates 
  • Equipment and injection point selection
  • Quantity of sulfiding chemical required
E-Series Acetylene Removal Catalysts for Olefin Plants

Chevron Phillips Chemical offers a unique advantage as not only an acetylene converter catalyst supplier, but also as an olefin producer with seven units worldwide. The catalyst loading and operating procedure will be reviewed and any technical points of interest will be discussed with your personnel. With every sale of our E-Series catalyst, an experienced Chevron Phillips Chemical professional will be present at your site for reactor catalyst loading as well as during startup of the acetylene converter. Further, Chevron Phillips Chemical offers a feed composition-specific thermodynamic model to customers who purchase E-Series catalyst. This model allows for precise measurement of catalyst selectivity, simplifying the optimization of reactor performance.

Our high-quality catalysts and sulfiding chemicals are backed by  high-quality service you’ve come to expect from Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP. Please contact your regional sales representative for more information on how we can assist you with your catalyst and sulfiding needs.