Performance Fuels

Chevron Phillips Chemical's Performance Fuels are used in transportation vehicle engines. In general, they are used to look at vehicle performance characteristics. We supply gasoline, diesel, jet, and aviation test fuels. Applications include, but are not limited to, establishing:

  • The octane or cetane requirements of an engine
  • The fuel system's ability to resist vapor lock
  • The impact of fuel quality on emissions or drivability in a particular engine
  • The durability of fuel system components in oxy-fuel environments

We supply a variety of standard test fuels based on U.S., European, and other countries’ specifications. We also supply military specification fuels.

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Aviation Test Fuels
Products Documents
Jet RF (AMS 2629B Type 1)
Deposit Test Fuels - Diesel
Products Documents
Diesel PC-10 Test Fuel
Emission Certification Fuels - Diesel
Products Documents
B-20 Biodiesel
Diesel .05 5Y5 Certification Fuel
Diesel 2004 Tier 2 Fuel
Diesel 2007 ULSD (7-15 ppm) Emission Certification Fuel
Diesel Euro III
Diesel Euro IV
Diesel Jaso Test Fuel
Diesel No Sulfur Fuel
Emission Certification Fuels - Gasoline
Products Documents
UTG-96 (unleaded test gasoline)