Organosulfur Chemistry

Our many years of experience in sulfur chemicals enable us to develop second generation products and functional thiols through the reaction of hydrogen sulfide with olefins, halides, alcohols, silanes, or epoxides. Many of these products can then be further derivatized to yield specialty organosulfur chemicals such as alkylsulfonic acids and sulfonyl halides; sulfides, disulfides, and polysulfides; and sulfoxides and sulfones. Mercaptans containing specific functional groups can also be formed through the use of functionalized olefins containing groups such as esters and ethers.


Our strategic location adjacent to the Phillips 66 Refinery in Borger, TX, translates to a reliable source of raw materials. We also have manufacturing facilities in Tessenderlo, Belgium, giving us good production flexibility and geographic coverage. We routinely manufacture a range of organosulfur products, so you can benefit from our knowledge of organosulfur and H2S handling as well as by product stewardship.