Orfom® MC-37 Collector

Orfom® MC-37 Sulfur-Based Collectors are designed to increase total recovery of sulfur-based ores when added to the primary grinding stage. This family of products is very effective to optimize recovery of copper and molybdenum in chalcocite, chalcopyrite and molybdenite ores when added with typical copper collectors. Our technology will allow for these products to be formulated specifically for different ore bodies. 

Collector Container & Logistics Offering
Container Type
 IBC (~275 gal)
Cargo Tank, Iso-container
Shipping Locations
Borger, Texas
Borger, Texas
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US/Mexico Domestic
South America and Canada
Europe, Africa & Middle East
+32 (0)2 689 12 11
Asia Pacific
+65-6517 3100
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