Any natural gas odorant is only as good as its components. The components of Scentinel® Gas Odorants are of technical grade quality, far exceeding commercial grade specifications. Backed by more than four decades of manufacturing experience, these mercaptans are produced in Chevron Phillips Chemical's modern facilities devoted exclusively to the production of high-quality hydrocarbons and sulfur chemicals -- your assurance of reliable, effective products.
    Where bulk odorant delivery is offered, Chevron Phillips Chemical uses dedicated tank trailers for Scentinel® Gas Odorants that incorporate a special odor containment system to ensure odor-free deliveries. Each truck is equipped with a compressor that allows "closed system" transfer into the customer’s odorant storage tanks, eliminating the escape of odoriferous vapors. In addition, Chevron Phillips Chemical employs a unique high-pressure nitrogen purge system on all liquid lines and hoses to "sweep" any entrained liquid before disconnection from a customer’s system. Chevron Phillips Chemical delivery technicians are trained specialists in providing odor-free delivery.
    Chevron Phillips Chemical's service is dependable. Your orders are promptly and efficiently handled. Your shipments are carefully scheduled and delivered, where and when you want them. When you want expert technical assistance in odorant selection, use, or handling, Chevron Phillips Chemical is here for you. For further information contact our Customer Service Representatives at 800.858.4327.
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    Scentinel® Gas Odorants
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    Scentinel® N Gas Odorant
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    Scentinel® P Gas Odorant
    Scentinel® S-20 Gas Odorant
    Scentinel® S-50 Gas Odorant
    Scentinel® T Gas Odorant
    Scentinel® T-50 Gas Odorant
    Scentinel® TB Gas Odorant