Orfom® SX-80 Diluent

Orfom® SX-80 Solvent Extraction Diluent is a petroleum distillate based product with a higher flash point that results in lower evaporative loses while maintaining superior phase disengagement and rapid transfer kinetics. This diluent is the preferred product in higher altitude operations.

Container & Logistics Offerings
Container Type
Drum (~54 gal) & IBC (~275 gal)
Cargo Tank, Iso-container, Railcar & Vessel
Shipping Locations
Borger, Texas & Houston, Texas
Borger, Texas, Houston, Texas, & Benson, Arizona
Order Placement
US/Mexico Domestic
South America and Canada
Europe, Africa & Middle East
+32 (0)2 689 12 11
Asia Pacific
+65-6517 3100
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