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    Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP has been supplying high performance chemicals to the mining industry for more than 60 years. The products include internationally recognized Orfom®, Molyflo® and Philflo® brands used for solvent extraction, flotation, mineral collection and depression. Our experienced team develops solutions and delivers products worldwide to support the mining industry.  
    We also offer a number of other propriety products, including flotation oils, depressants, sulfur-based collectors and solvent extraction diluents. We are continually developing new products to provide solutions to difficult problems in the operation.  


    Solvent Extraction
    Orfom® SX diluents are considered the industry standard and are produced to optimize phase disengagement and metal recoveries for copper, cobalt, bickel, platinum, palladium, uranium, vanadiam, beryllium, zinc and lathanide series elements.
    Sulfide Mineral Flotation
    Orfom® Collectors are highly effective reagents for mixed sulfide flotation operations. These specialty materials optimize recovery and grade in ores containing specific and associated sulfide minerals of copper, molybenum and gold.
    Sulfide Mineral Depression
    Orfom® Depressants are proven reagents that effectively depress Copper, Iron and Lead sulfide minerals from Molybdenite.
    Case study: read about a successful commercial implementation
    of Orfom® D8 Depressant as a replacement of sodium hydrosulfide (NaSH) in a copper-molybdenum concentrator.

    Fertilizer Mineral Flotation
    Philflo® Flotation oils are specially formulated reagents to provide superior recovery over a wide range of particle sizes, including difficult to float coarse particles.