Mercaptans are used in diverse applications, ranging from agricultural supplements to polymerization modifiers. We offer a wide range of mercaptan structures, including linear, branched, and functionalized.  Functionalized mercaptans are listed on our Other Organosulfur Chemicals page.

Please contact us if the specific mercaptan of interest is not listed below. Our new product development team is eager to assist you in developing a mercaptan or other organosulfur chemical to meet your needs.

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Products Documents
Ethyl Mercaptan
Isopropyl Mercaptan
Methyl Mercaptan
n-butyl mercaptan
n-Decyl Mercaptan
n-Dodecyl Mercaptan
n-Octyl Mercaptan
n-Propyl Mercaptan
Sec-Butyl Mercaptan
Sulfole® 100 t-mixed mercaptan
Sulfole® 120 t-dodecyl mercaptan
Sulfole® 90 t-nonyl mercaptan
tert-butyl mercaptan