Polymers & Rubber

    Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP manufactures chemicals that serve the polymer and rubber industries as chain transfer agents for polymerization reactions. We also produce chemical intermediates, which provide the building blocks for biocides and antioxidants. We offer a variety of specialized sulfur chemicals, with a wide range of properties to meet the specific needs of customers.


    Antioxidant Intermediate
    Normal mercaptans are used as reactants in the synthesis of antioxidants, which minimize undesirable effects from processes such as the stabilization of tin.
    Biocide Intermediate
    Methyl 3-Mercaptopropionate (MMP) is used as a building block for biocides for cleaning agents, paints, and cosmetic products.  MMP allows for the synthesis of biocides that are more environmentally friendly than traditional chemicals.
    Catalyst Carrier
    Polymer Modifier
    Chevron Phillips Chemical produces heavy mercaptans that function as chain transfer agents in processes where control of molecular weight is critical.  

    Rubber Modifier
    In addition to polymer modifiers, we produce rubber modifiers that are used to convert rubber to more durable chemicals through vulcanization. 

    Specialty Polymer Additives