Petroleum & Refinery

    In today's markets, it is critical for exploration and refinery operations to improve operational efficiency and maximize productivity. Our petroleum and refinery-based process chemicals, in conjunction with various process technologies and service partners, can assist in meeting those goals.


    Aromatics Extraction
    A highly polar and high-temperature stable organosulfur compound, Sulfolane-W excels in aromatics extraction because non-aromatic hydrocarbons have low solubility.
    Products: Sulfolane-W

    HF Vapor Suppression
    Our Sulfolane-A, when added to HF Acid, provides increased safety when handling or transporting the material.

    2ME or BME is a highly volatile, yet water soluble material that is widely used in cleaning agents, as a corrosion inhibitor for performance material (pipe) and as a tin stabilizer in PVC production.   
    Sulfiding Agents
    When activating hydrotreating catalyst, manufacturers use our sulfiding agents, which help them meet fuel production requirements safely and reliably.