The automotive and energy industry is constantly adapting to new technologies and regulations to improve efficiencies and reduce environmental impact. Fuel standards are a crucial piece set by Research and Development to help with production efforts, and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP provides specialty fuels to meet the ever-changing standards. Our fuels team actively works to meet the regulations set by ASTM and various engine testing protocols to ensure we are on the forefront of the industry. 
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 Performance Fuels

We manufacture a range of certified diesels and gasolines to support worldwide standards for the engine industry, oil additive suppliers, and auto manufacturers. Certified fuels are formulated to specific properties to provide the necessary consistency for various engine test protocols and development. Utilizing certified fuels reduces fuel variances that could affect the quality of various engine analyses.

Performance Fuels
100 Octane E10
65th Percentile Fuel
B-20 Biodiesel
California Phase III Certification Fuel
DEHA (N,N-diethylhydroxylamine), 85%
Diesel .05 5Y5 Certification Fuel
Diesel 2004 Tier 2 Fuel
Diesel 2007 ULSD (7-15 ppm) Emission Certification Fuel
Diesel Euro III
Diesel Euro IV
Diesel Jaso Test Fuel
Diesel No Sulfur Fuel
Diesel PC-10 Test Fuel
Diesel PC-9 HS Test Fuel
Top Tier Gasoline
UTG-96 (unleaded test gasoline)

Reference Fuels

Chevron Phillips has manufactured a range of reference fuels to support ASTM and other testing protocols for more than 50 years. Chevron Phillips Chemical's experience and commitment to quality provides you the confidence in the critical needs for reference fuels.
Reference Fuels
Diesel Cetane Ck Fuel High
Diesel Cetane Ck Fuel Low
Diesel Secondary Reference Fuel T-32
Diesel Secondary Reference Fuel U-32
Isooctane (2,2,4-trimethylpentane), Pure Grade, 99.0%
PRF (ASTM) Octane Blend No. 80
PRF (ASTM) Octane Blend No. 82
PRF (ASTM) Octane Blend No. 84
PRF (ASTM) Octane Blend No. 86
PRF (ASTM) Octane Blend No. 88
PRF (ASTM) Octane Blend No. 90
PRF (ASTM) Octane Blend No. 92
PRF (ASTM) Octane Blend No. 96
PRF Isooctane
PRF Isooctane + TEL (6.0 gm/gal available, dilution table under development with ASTM)
PRF n-Heptane
Toluene Standard Fuel 89.3
Toluene Standard Fuel 93.4
Toluene Standard Fuel 96.9
Toluene Standard Fuel 99.8
Toluene, Reference Fuel Grade

Reference Standard

Chevron Phillips Chemical's experience and commitment to safety provides customers the confidence in the critical quality needed for reference standards.
Reference Standard
ASTM D-2887 Reference Gas Oil No. 1
Hydrocarbon Fluid, type I
Hydrocarbon Fluid, type III
Jet RF (AMS 2629B Type 1)
Reference Fuel A, ASTM D 471
Reference Fuel B, ASTM D 471
Sulfur Calibration Standard
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