Ethylene Crackers


    As a major ethylene producer, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP has conducted extensive research and development to improve ethylene cracker operations. Our E-Series® catalysts provide numerous benefits, including excellent selectivity, stable reactor operations, resistance to carbon monoxide changes, ease of reactor startup, ease of use, and safety.


    Anticoking Agents
    Three Specialty Chemicals’ products – Dimethyl Disulfide, Dimethyl Sulfide, and Di-tert-butyl Polysulfide (TBPS 454) – reduce the layer of coke that forms within furnaces and improve the run length, yield and life of furnaces.
    E-Series® catalysts are used in converting hydrogenated acetylene to ethylene in front-end deethanizer, depropanizer, raw gas and back-end ethylene plant configurations.
    Chevron Phillips Chemical’s success with the E-Series catalyst goes far beyond its own acetylene converters. Chevron Phillips Chemical has the ability to custom formulate catalysts based on customer needs and process design, to offer catalysts with higher selectivity, improved stable operations without runaways, longer cycle run lengths and longer overall catalyst life.
    The fact that Chevron Phillips Chemical is both an ethylene producer and catalyst supplier is a great benefit to our customers since we have personal insight into reactor operations.