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    EcoSolv® Drycleaning Fluid not only cleans delicate fabrics and leaves clothes looking and feeling new, it is less persistent in the environment than traditional solvents like perchlorethylene (PERC). It's also easily recycled, filtered and distilled within the cleaning process to remove impurities. EcoSolv® Drycleaning Fluid is 100% hydrocarbon-based, and its flash point lies within the NFPA standards for Class IIIA solvents (above 140 oF and below 200 oF). With the proper permitting, this product can be used in cleaning processes currently using Stoddard or other hydrocarbon or petroleum solvents.
    The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has approved EcoSolv® Drycleaning Fluid under its NYSDEC Air Facility Registration program for dry-to-dry, closed loop machinery. 

    Why EcoSolv® Drycleaning

    The following are some articles about hydrocarbon drycleaning solvents that may help you learn more about why EcoSolv® Drycleaning Fluid is a good choice for your business; however, it is always best to check with your equipment manufacturer to ensure that your machines are compatible with EcoSolv® Drycleaning Fluid.
    When compared to traditional Stoddard solvents, the higher flash point of EcoSolv® Drycleaning Fluid translates to increased safety. Its lower vapor pressure means that you will lose less solvent to evaporation, resulting in cost savings in your operation.
    The cleaning power of Chevron Phillips Chemical's EcoSolv® Drycleaning Fluid has been tested by a major detergent manufacturer.* Their results show that switching from other Class IIIA hydrocarbon solvents to EcoSolv® Drycleaning Fluid will not change the cleaning performance of your system. Your customers will appreciate how clean and fresh their garments smell when you use our product in place of other Stoddard solvents.​ 

    EcoSolv® Drycleaning Features

    • Drying time is identical to that of two competing high flash solvents tested. Your garment processing time should remain the same. 
    • Mixes readily with most drycleaning additives that are used with hydrocarbon drycleaning solvents.
    • Is ultimately biodegradable according to OECD guideline studies.
    • Dye and soil transfer during the drycleaning operation are minimized when used with both anionic and cationic detergent formulations. This translates to cleaner garments for your customers.
    • Is essentially odorless, reducing the need for deodorizers.  

    How to Order 

    * Cleaning performance test data courtesy of Adco, Inc., Sedalia, MO. 
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