Consumer & Industrial


    With a large presence in consumer and industrial industries, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP has a diverse portfolio of chemicals with multiple applications throughout the industry spectrum. Our products have broad applications in fields such as aerosols and propellants, cleaning fluids, electronics and solvents.  



    Aerosols & Propellants
    Chevron Phillips Chemical produces hydrocarbons that can replace CFCs found in aerosols, reducing the overall impact to the environment.

    Products: Methylcyclohexane, Soltrol® 170 Isoparaffin, Soltrol® 220 Isoparaffin


    Charcoal Lighter Distillate & Fluids
    We offer three different fluids with a range of flash points that are used by distributors to repackage into various charcoal lighter fluid applications. All three products have successfully been tested to meet rigorous emission testing for use in California in the South Coast Air Quality Management District. These products are low in odor and aromatic content. 
    Cleaning Fluid
    The Soltrol® portfolio of isoparaffinic solvents has a broad range of flash points to fit any cleaning need. Soltrols® have no odor and are compatible with almost all materials in the industry.
    Recognized as a leader in specialty chemicals, we are committed to providing and developing new and more efficient products in the electronics industry, particularly in the rapidly growing technology sector.
    Hydrocarbon Solvents
    Chevron Phillips Chemical produces a broad portfolio of hydrocarbons that are used across numerous major industries, from paint thinners to dry cleaning fluids to pharmaceuticals. 
    Ink & Dye Additives
    We offer hydrocarbon compounds that serve as ink carriers as well as sulfur chemicals that are effective solvents in digital image processing.

    Products: 2-Mercaptoethanol (BME), Ethyl MercaptanMethyl 3-MercaptopropionateSoltrol® 10 Isoparaffin, Soltrol® 100 Isoparaffin, Soltrol® 125 Isoparaffin, Soltrol® 130 Isoparaffin, Soltrol® 170 Isoparaffin, Soltrol® 220 Isoparaffin, Sulfolane-A Anhydrous, 
    Photoprocessing Chemicals
    Used in photographic developer formulations, N, N-Diethyhydroxyamine (DEHA) is critical for quality color development in the photographic industry. It can also be used to remove residual photoresist residue from microelectronic components.