Custom Processing & Fuel Formulation

How to create specifications for made-to-order fuels

We have the capability to supply test fuels for your specific requirements. If you are doing octane number requirement testing or need volatility test fuels for hot fuels handling, we have what you need.  Chevron Phillips Chemical has been recognized as the leader in the formulation of special fuels. We have supplied fuels to many facets of government, industry and technical associations.

Products can be manufactured to meet strict specifications such as purity, sulfur content, lead content, specific gravity, distillation and octane or cetane number.

The following will give you some examples of the types of specifications you can request for a special fuel:

  • BTU content
  • V/L values
  • Oxygen content and type
  • Lead content
  • Composition by hydrocarbon type or elemental analysis
  • Vapor pressure (volatility)
  • Cloud and pour point
  • Distillation range
  • Octane or cetane numbers

In addition, fuels can be blended to meet military specifications or other recognized requirements.

Let Chevron Phillips Chemical make your blend if you are faced with:

  • Inadequate or unavailable blending facilities
  • Lack of feedstocks
  • Inexperience in blending fuels
  • Lack of fuel testing facilities
  • Limitations on the amount of fuel you can store
  • Needing an MSDS
  • Needing a certification sheet