Agricultural Intermediates


Agricultural chemicals increase farm productivity and the quality of crops. Thiocarbamates and thiophosphates can be synthesized using mercaptans or other organosulfur building blocks. Certain mercaptans also find application as exfoliants useful in harvesting. The following list contains just a few examples of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides that can be synthesized with olefin or organosulfur feedstocks.

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Agricultural Chemical Synthetic Feedstock
Ametryn, Prometryn, Simetryn, Terbutryn, Desmetryn, Methiocarb, Methomyl methyl mercaptan, sodium methyl mercaptide, dimethyl disulfide (DMDS)
Cadusafos sec-butyl mercaptan
Carboxin/Vamidothion 2-mercaptoethanol (BME)
Cycloate ethyl mercaptan
Demeton-S-Methyl ethylthioethanol (ETE)
EPTC ethyl mercaptan
Ethiofencarb ethyl mercaptan
Fosthiazate sec-butyl mercaptan
Glyphosate (trimesium salt) dimethyl sulfide (DMS)
Molinate ethyl mercaptan
Pebulate/Vernolate n-propyl mercaptan
Phorate ethyl mercaptan
Prothiofos n-propyl mercaptan
Pyridate n-octyl mercaptan
Sulprofos n-propyl mercaptan
Terbufos tert-butyl mercaptan