Our Manufacturing Sites & Joint Ventures

Chevron Phillips Chemical is a global supplier of Marlex® HDPE, LLDPE and LDPE and the world’s largest supplier of HDPE.  Our Marlex® Polyethylene is produced at four of our U.S. manufacturing sites: Baytown, Texas;  Old Ocean, Texas; Orange, Texas; and Pasadena, Texas.

Chevron Phillips Chemical also has Polyethylene interests in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore through its Joint Ventures Q-Chem, Q-Chem II, SPCo, and CPSC. Q-Chem commenced its operation in 2004 and Q-Chem II in 2010. SPCo, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began commercial production in 2012. CPSC, located in Singapore, commenced operation in 1984.  These joint venture companies primarily market their products in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle-East.