Sheet Extrusion

Sheet extrusion is a technique for making flat plastic sheets from a variety of resins. The thinner gauges are thermoformed into packaging applications such as drink cups, deli containers, produce trays, baby wipe containers and margarine tubs. Another market segment uses thick sheet for industrial and recreational applications like truck bed liners, pallets, automotive dunnage, playground equipment and boats. The third primary use for extruded sheet is in geomembranes, where flat sheet is welded into large containment systems for mining applications and municipal waste disposal.

Our multiple technology platforms, combined with our innovative research and development team allow us to provide customers with a broad range of resins to meet the many unique needs of sheet applications. Our world-class sales and marketing team and highly experienced technical support team can assist customers with resin selection, process optimization, and application development. Our Plastics Technical Center has three sheet extrusion lines that produce customer samples from 5 to 250 mils thick and up to 36 inches trimmed width. The products below are our solutions to your sheet application needs. For more detailed information select the individual links for each product.

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Marlex HDPE
Products Documents Applications MI HLMI Density
K606 Thermoforming 0.70 0.964
Marlex® HHM 5502-01ST Polyethylene Large Part, Industrial Products 0.25 0.955
Marlex® HXM 50100 Polyethylene Large Part, Industrial Products 10.0 0.948
Marlex LLDPE
Products Documents Applications MI HLMI Density
7104 Geomembrane 0.35 0.919
Marlex MDPE
Products Documents Applications MI HLMI Density
K306 Geomembrane 12.0 0.937
K307 Geomembrane 21.0 0.937