Rotational Molding

Rotational molding is a high-temperature, low-pressure process used to form hollow parts through the application of heat to biaxially-rotated molds. Polyethylene resins used in this process are generally limited to those that flow together in the absence of pressure when melted to form a bubble-free part. Marlex® HDPE and MDPE Rotational Molding resins offer excellent flow characteristics and a wide processing window. They exhibit excellent low-temperature impact strength and good load-bearing properties. Our UV grades also provide good stability for outdoor applications. Marlex® Rotational Molding products include agricultural tanks, industrial chemical tanks, potable water storage tanks, industrial waste containers, recreational equipment, marine products, plus many more.

Chevron Phillips Chemical’s multiple technology platforms and innovative research and development teams provide customers with a broad range of resins to meet the many unique needs of rotational molding applications. Our world-class sales and marketing teams and highly experienced technical support staff assist customers with resin selection, process optimization, and application development efforts. The products below are Chevron Phillips Chemical's solutions for our rotational molding customers.

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Marlex HDPE
Products Documents Applications MI Density
Marlex® HMN TR-942 - HMN TR-942G Polyethylene Chemical Tanks, Water Tanks 2.0 0.943
Marlex® HMN TR-945 - HMN TR-945G Polyethylene Large Tanks, Ductwork, High-Modulus Parts 6.0 0.945
Marlex MDPE
Products Documents Applications MI Density
Marlex® HMN TR-935 - HMN TR-935G Polyethylene Toys, Carts, Recreational Parts 6.0 0.936
Marlex® HMN TR-938 - HMN TR-938G Polyethylene Industrial Waste Containers, Tanks, Marine Equipment 3.0 0.939