Pipe and Corrugated Extrusion

Plastic pipe is used in virtually every phase of North American industry due primarily to its chemical resistance. With the recognition of its other features, including ease of installation, durability and cost advantages, plastic piping has achieved significant use for water mains, gas distribution, storm and sanitary sewers, interior plumbing, electrical conduits, power and communications ducts, chilled water piping and well casing.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) constitutes the largest volume of the polyolefin group of plastics used for pipe. HDPE is tough, abrasion-resistant and flexible even at subfreezing temperatures. Chevron Phillips Chemical's pipe grades are used in small diameter tubing and in pipe up to more than 8 feet in diameter. We have supplied resins for the pressure piping markets (such as natural gas distribution) and the non-pressure piping markets (such as conduit and corrugated) for over 30 years.

Our multiple technology platforms, combined with our innovative research and development team allow us to provide customers with a broad range of resins to meet the many unique needs of pipe and conduit applications. Our world-class sales and marketing team and highly experienced technical support team can assist customers with resin selection, process optimization and application development. The products below are our solutions to your pressure pipe, conduit and corrugated application needs. For more detailed information select the individual links for each product.

If you cannot view the MSDS and TDS, you may download the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®.

Marlex HDPE
Products Documents Applications MI HLMI Density
Marlex® 9332 Polyethylene Conduit 0.31 0.943
Marlex® H525 Polyethylene Pressure Pipe 9.0 0.948
Marlex® HXB TR-494 Polyethylene Corrugated Pipe 5.5 0.954
Marlex® TRB-432 Polyethylene Pressure Pipe 8.0 0.949
Marlex® TRB-437LS Polyethylene Pressure Pipe 9.0 0.949
Marlex® TRB-490 Polyethylene Corrugated Pipe 9.5 0.950
Marlex MDPE
Products Documents Applications MI HLMI Density
Marlex® HHM TR-392 Polyethylene Irrigation Tubing 0.16 20.0 0.939
Marlex® HHM TR-418Q Polyethylene Pressure Pipe 20.0 0.939
Marlex PE Masterbatches
Products Documents Applications MI HLMI Density
Marlex® M358Y3 Polyethylene Pressure Pipe 0.20 0.938
Marlex® M368 Polyethylene Pressure Pipe 20.0 0.939