Injection Molding

The injection molding process is one of the most cost-effective processes to produce parts, and thus it is used to make parts for practically every major industry existing today. Some of these industries include containers, food and chemical packaging, toys, automotive, crates, and caps and closures. Chevron Phillips Chemical has over 40 years of experience with high-quality polymers such as Marlex® polyethylene.

Our multiple technology platforms, combined with our innovative research and development team allow us to provide customers with a broad range of resins to meet the many unique needs of injection molding applications. Our world-class sales and marketing team and highly experienced technical support team can assist customers with resin selection, process optimization, application development, part and mold design and outstanding training in-house or at our fully equipped Plastics Technical Center. The products below are our solutions to your injection molding application needs. For more detailed information select the individual links for each product.

If you cannot view the MSDS and TDS, you may download the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®.

Marlex HDPE
Products Documents Applications MI Density
Marlex® 9004 Polyethylene Pails, Crates 4.5 0.953
Marlex® 9005 Polyethylene Large Containers 6.0 0.945
Marlex® 9006 Polyethylene Pails, Crates 6.6 0.953
Marlex® 9012 Polyethylene Toys, Housewares, Closures 11.5 0.952
Marlex® 9012C Polyethylene Caps, Closures 11.5 0.952
Marlex® 9018 Polyethylene Caps, Closures 20.0 0.952
Marlex® 9035 Polyethylene Food containers, Toys 40.0 0.952
Marlex® 9708 Polyethylene Pails, Crates 8.0 0.962
Marlex® HMN 6060 Polyethylene Pails, Crates 6.5 0.962
Marlex® HMN 6060UV Polyethylene Pails, Crates 6.5 0.962
Marlex LDPE
Products Documents Applications MI Density
Marlex® 1003 Polyethylene Caps, Housewares 13.0 0.917
Marlex® 1007 Polyethylene Caps, Housewares 7.0 0.917
Marlex® 1009 Polyethylene Caps, Housewares 16.0 0.917
Marlex® 1122B Polyethylene Caps, Housewares 2.1 0.920
Marlex® 1412 Polyethylene Thin Wall Molding 35.0 0.924
Marlex® KN226 Polyethylene Caps, Housewares 25.0 0.925