Extrusion Coating and Lamination

Chevron Phillips Chemical is a proven and committed resin supplier to the extrusion coating and lamination industry. Our company has been supplying extrusion coating grade resins for over 40 years. Currently Chevron Phillips Chemical ranks as the number one supplier to the North American industry based on volume.

We have a dedicated staff of marketing and technical specialists to help you with your extrusion coating efforts. Whether it be problem solving, product or process development, employee training or resin selection issues, we have the resources to serve your needs. Our Technical Service staff are backed by highly trained technicians and a state-of-the-art pilot extrusion coating line.

If you cannot view the MSDS and TDS, you may download the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®.

Marlex HDPE
Products Documents Applications MI Density
Marlex® 9608XD Polyethylene Food Packaging, Retail Packaging, Coating, Lamination 8.0 0.962
Marlex LDPE
Products Documents Applications MI Density
Marlex® 1013 Polyethylene Flexible Packaging, Lamination 13.0 0.917
Marlex® 1017 Polyethylene Flexible Packaging, Lamination 7.0 0.917
Marlex® 1018 Polyethylene Flexible Packaging, Lamination 8.0 0.917
Marlex® 1019 Polyethylene Flexible Packaging, Lamination 16.0 0.917
Marlex® 4517 Polyethylene Board Coating, Flexible Packaging 5.1 0.923