Chevron Phillips Chemical is dedicated to meeting the current and future polyalphaolefin needs of our customers. Our commitment to quality can be found in the technical expertise of our research and development teams.

It is also evident in our state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities at our Cedar Bayou petrochemical complex, and in each of our dedicated polyalphaolefin product sales and customer service professionals around the world.

Technical Support

Chevron Phillips Chemical's Kingwood Technology Center houses Ph.D. chemists, laboratory technicians and engineers who share a common goal -- to develop products that meet or exceed each customer's expectations. Working closely with our customers, this team is also dedicated to enhancing product quality, improving existing polyalphaolefin technology and helping to develop new applications.

The technology center conducts a wide range of projects, from bench-scale experiments through onsite pilot plant analysis. This enables Chevron Phillips Chemical to ensure that process modifications and product improvements are tested extensively before being approved for commercial purposes.

Our team of researchers is available for technical assistance with Chevron Phillips Chemical's PAOs and their applications or customer formulations. Our chemists also proactively solve your PAO problems through an ongoing series of FAQ.

Sales & Customer Support

Whether you are placing an order, have an inquiry or need to track a shipment, our customer service representatives can be reached by phone, fax or e-mail to assist you, and are available for after-hours emergencies. They are dedicated to making your shipment arrive on time, in the safest manner possible. Our customer service representatives use a fully integrated order entry and inventory system to check daily inventories, and to arrange and track shipments. They also work closely with production and storage facilities to initiate shipments and coordinate the modes of transportation and types of product containers to assure that the products are delivered according to Department of Transportation requirements.

PAOs can be transported via truck, rail or marine vessel. They can be packaged in small quantities such as 275/330 gallon IBC's or 55-gallon drums (subject to availability by region). Regardless of the size of the order, our customer service department will work to have the shipment arrive on time. Developmental samples of Synfluid® PAO products are available upon request.

Our strategically located offices are staffed with experienced technical account managers who are dedicated to assisting customers with any polyalphaolefin requirement.


Chevron Phillips Chemical maintains logistical facilities at key industrial centers around the world, including Houston, Antwerp, and Singapore.  From these locations, customers can arrange rail, truck, barge, flexitank or iso-containerized bulk deliveries (subject to availability by region).

Drum package quantities of Synfluid® PAOs may be specified in a unique 55-gallon steel, epoxy-lined drum. Drums can be ordered and delivered one at a time or in a full 20-foot container.

Export shipments are made from the Cedar Bayou petrochemical complex via bulk marine terminals on the Houston ship channel. Products are loaded on marine vessels using specially designed, dedicated piping to prevent contamination. All terminals allow third-party carriers and multicompartment trucks.