Safety & Environmental Information

Chevron Phillips Chemical is committed to doing business responsibly and to safely providing a quality product. This commitment to protecting people and the environment is embraced by our employees and can be found in our facilities, our relationship with our customers and suppliers, our distribution system and the communities in which we are located.

A Commitment to Customers & Users

At Chevron Phillips Chemical, we strive to demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety in each step throughout the production and global distribution of our products. We begin by ensuring that all of our customers, distributors, carriers and users of PAOs are well informed about the properties of each product. To that end, a Material Safety Data Sheet and a certificate of analysis accompany each shipment from our manufacturing plant.

We also provide an in-depth guide to the Safe Handing and Storage of Polyalphaolefins and Metallocene Polyalphaolefins and a Product Integrity Protection Guideline brochure.


A Commitment to the Environment & Community

Our commitment extends to protecting both the wildlife and the environment surrounding our plant and the communities in which we operate. We take great pride, for instance, in the fact that a large lake behind our manufacturing plant in Baytown is home to many species of plants, birds, fish and other animals. Our dedication to quality has earned the plant ISO certification since 1993. 

For a copy of our ISO certificate, please complete the ISO Certification Request Form