Synfluid® High Viscosity mPAO

Chevron Phillips Chemical is pleased to introduce the hottest addition to its line of quality products – high viscosity Synfluid® mPAO 65 cSt, mPAO 100 cSt and mPAO150 cSt.

Using Chevron Phillips Chemical’s proprietary technology, these metallocene polyalphaolefins (mPAO) offer significant pour point and viscosity advantages over the competition, providing formulators with new products that can be used in high viscosity PAO applications. 

Synfluid® mPAOs are well-suited for a variety of automotive and industrial applications including gear oils, greases and automotive lubricants. 

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Synfluid® mPAO 100 cSt
Synfluid® mPAO 150 cSt
Synfluid® mPAO 65 cSt
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