Chevron Phillips Chemical leads the industry in developing high-quality polyalphaolefins (PAOs). PAOs are used in many synthetic products such as lubricants, greases and fluids, and have emerged as essential components in many industries and applications.
The increase in PAO applications is largely driven by the stability of the PAO molecule, a highly purified ethylene derivative. This stability, along with a host of other unique performance characteristics, makes PAOs far superior to mineral oils in a variety of uses.
PAOs are specially designed chemicals that are uniquely made from alpha olefins. These stable molecules are produced by:
  • Steam cracking hydrocarbons to produce ultra high-purity ethylene
  • Ethylene oligomerization to develop 1-decene and 1-dodecene
  • Decene or dodecene oligomerization to form a mixture of dimers, trimers, tetramers and higher oligomers
PAOs have many advantages over mineral oils:
  • Greater oxidative stability
  • Superior volatility
  • Excellent low-temperature viscosities
  • Consistent, quality basestock
  • Extremely high viscosity index
  • Excellent pour points
  • Pure petrochemical feedstocks 
Synfluid® PAOs are produced at Cedar Bayou near Houston, Texas and our Beringen Plant in Beringen, Belgium.  Synfluid® mPAOs are produced at a toll manufacturer in the greater Houston area.