Heavy Aromatic Distillate (HAD)

Chevron Phillips Chemical produces about 8 million gallons a year of heavy aromatic distillate (HAD) at its Cedar Bayou chemical complex in Texas.

How It's Made

HAD is a hydrogenated co-product from ethylene production. HAD contains about 70% aromatics, based on ASTM D-1319. Almost all of the non-aromatic constituencies are cyclic hydrocarbons, which do not degrade the aromatic solvency nearly as much as straight and branched-chain aliphatic hydrocarbons. HAD also contains about 10% of indane (a C9 aromatic) which greatly enhances the aromatic solvency of the product.

How It's Transported

HAD is shipped directly from the Cedar Bayou Plant, located in Baytown, Texas.  The product is available from Chevron Phillips Chemical via tank truck and rail car.

What It's Used For

HAD is used as a solvent for a broad range of oilfield chemicals, pesticides, fuel additives and as a well fracture/well stimulation fluid.


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