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AlphaPlus® Normal Alpha Olefins (NAO), featuring highly accessible terminal double bonds, are ideal materials for manufacturing numerous products. NAOs or their derivatives are used extensively as polyethylene comonomers, plasticizers, synthetic motor oils, lubricants, automotive additives, surfactants, paper sizing, and in a wide range of specialty applications. As major petrochemical building blocks, their use in the development of new chemical products is virtually unlimited.





Our company is designed to deliver industry-leading performance in a responsible way, caring for each other, our work, our customers and communities.

At Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, our goal is to reliably supply consistent, high quality Normal Alpha Olefins (NAO) to the many global customers we serve now and into the future. Known for their high purity, AlphaPlus® NAOs are available in the widest selection of fractions, ranging from C4 to C30+. AlphaPlus® NAOs are marketed worldwide by subsidiaries of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC.

The health and safety of our employees, contractors, neighbors, customers and the environment is of paramount importance to us. Our caring employees operate responsive and knowledgeable customer service, world-class experience sales team and innovative research & development and technical support teams.