Shipping & Handling

Efficient & Reliable Transportation

Chevron Phillips Chemical maintains an extensive distribution system to ensure that our products will get to you on the date that we have committed. Our normal alpha olefins are transported in bulk shipments via tank cars or tank trucks. Normal alpha olefins C6 through C30+, with the exception of custom blends, are also available in 55-gallon, steel, epoxy-lined nonreturnable drums. Sample quantities are typically shipped in one quart or one gallon cans.

European customers have the option of 1.0- and 1.1-cubic meter totes. Customized blends of two or more fractions, accurate to ± 2 wt%, are available in tank truck or tank car quantities. Inhibitors to help prevent the formation of peroxides can be added to any of our bulk shipment normal alpha olefins upon request.

Export shipments in containers and isotanks are made from the Cedar Bayou plant. Products shipped by marine barge and vessel are loaded out of Stolthaven Terminal facilities located on the Houston Ship Channel. These facilities were specially designed and constructed with miles of dedicated piping to prevent contamination.

Responsible Handling

Although normal alpha olefins pose little environmental, health, and safety risks, Chevron Phillips Chemical is committed to doing business responsibly and to safely providing a quality product. This is demonstrated by the considerable efforts made to ensure the integrity and purity of every shipment, and the precautions we take to protect people and the environment from accidental releases.

Normal alpha olefins are stored under nitrogen blankets. To prevent the formation of peroxides and minimize the escape of vapors, our storage tanks and loading facilities for the lower fractions, located at Cedar Bayou, the Stolthaven Terminal, and the Antwerp Terminal, feature totally closed systems.

Doing business responsibly is a shared responsibility. Please do your part and carefully review the most current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on any fraction before you use it.
We provide our customers and other handlers with the information they need to transport, store, use and dispose of our products.

Utilizing our fleet of tank trucks helps us to deliver our products to you on time with no shipping delays.

Chevron Phillips Chemical's storage and loading facilities are specially designed as totally closed systems to minimize accidental release of vapors into the environment.