Credit Application

New Customer Profile and Information Packet

Thank you for choosing Chevron Phillips Chemical Company K-Resin® SBC products.

In order to avoid delays in processing your request, please assist us by providing information about your company and any applicable tax exemptions. The attached packet contains a customer profile, credit application and tax exemption certificate.

Please return the packet in its entirety with attached exemptions via email to or by fax to 1-832-813-4920.

Customer Profile

The "Customer Profile Information" form must be completed and returned before the order can be accepted in order to ensure proper handling of your order. If you have special delivery or equipment needs please include that information on the form.

Credit Application

  1. Fill out the top portion of the application form with your company information.
  2. You must complete the bank reference portion of the form or attach the information.
  3. You must complete the trade reference portion of the form or attach the information
  4. An authorized officer MUST sign form. We cannot check your bank references without an "authorized" signature.

Multi-State Tax Exemption Certificate (For State Exemptions)

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP has a business presence in every state and is subject to unannounced sales tax audits at any time. The company must be able to show evidence of taxes collected or exemptions.

If you plan to process payments as tax exempt, we must have a signed tax exemption on file. Please note that we cannot process your order without charging tax unless the necessary tax exemption forms have been submitted.

Please use the multi-state exemption form and select the states appropriate for you business.

EMAIL OR FAX 1-832-813-4920

Order Lead Time Requirements

For products available in inventory at order placement time:

  • Railcar - 5 Business Days
  • Bulk Trucks - 3 Business Days
  • Packaged TL - 3 Business Days
  • Packaged LTL - 7 to 10 Business Days

Contact Us

Thank you for assisting with this information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Phone: 800-773-7996
Phone: 800-356-2592
Fax: 832-813-4920