Drilling Specialties Company provides experienced, professional field sales and service and extensive technical support from our full-service laboratories. We are available to ensure that our products are applied properly, that they deliver the most cost effective performance, and to offer advice and expertise when operating problems arise that need solving. Our customer service group will assist with your orders, logistics and related commercial details. For more information on how to find our company organization and product distribution points, go to Global Contacts.

The Drilling Fluids Laboratory is a distinguished developmental and technical service facility. Drilling Specialties is among the leaders in oilfield polymer chemistry, rheology modification, and product and application development for drilling and completion fluids. Our additives are designed for versatility, dependability and environmental security in water, brine, synthetic and oil-based fluids. The Drilling Specialties staff has the knowledge and experience to help provide solutions to the broad range of problems encountered in oil, gas, geothermal and slim-hole drilling.

In the Drilling Specialties Company Cement Laboratory, rigorous lab tests are performed to ensure superior results in the field, where it counts. We also devote considerable time to research and the creation of new products that meet the needs of customers under defined well conditions. Since 2002 there has been a significant expansion of the cement product line with the addition of new retarders, dispersants, fluid loss control agents and spacer systems.

The Drilling Specialties Stimulation Laboratory deals with a diverse lineup of stimulation and EOR technologies. These include improved dry and liquid polymers for fracturing and acidizing; proprietary surfactant systems for removal of heavy hydrocarbon deposits in downhole and surface equipment; crosslinked polymer systems for water shut-off treatments and injection profile control; and specialized biologicals for paraffin, scale and corrosion inhibition and removal. Our technical staff brings a stimulating approach to enhancing production, and our products deliver exceptional performance across wide-ranging producing environments.

We also offer these additional services for your consideration:

Toll Blending

* Drilling Specialties provides a toll blending service using our exclusive Suspension Technology. This technology produces formulations enabling dry powder additives to be transformed into rapid-hydrating suspended liquid products for ease in application. Nowadays, there is growing demand for stable liquid products for more precise mixing, easier handling, and better treatment economics. With Drilling Specialties Suspension Technology not only will you have your product in a reliably stable liquid form, but it will also meet the necessary toxicology regulations. Drilling Specialties Suspension Technology: Performance, efficiency and product variety all in a new package.

Lost Circulation

* Because lost circulation can be such an expensive and time-consuming ordeal while drilling, Drilling Specialties offers one of the most dependable techniques for treating this serious problem. Our experienced personnel can help you design a Diaseal M® lost circulation material (LCM) to fit your particular need. In certain instances, field service engineers are available to travel to your location for on-site assistance. Diaseal M® LCM has been used successfully on thousands of wells combating lost circulation throughout the world. Proven to be highly effective in both water and oil-based muds, Diaseal M® LCM slurries can also be mixed with cement to gain a small amount of compressive strenght, adding to the longevity of the squeeze. Make Diaseal M® LCM your first line of defense when lost circulation threatens your drilling program.