Our organically crosslinked polymers provide high-temperature and long-term gels for water conformance and water shut-off applications in all parts of the world.

Enhanced Oil Recovery
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HE® 100 Polymer This synthetic polymer is for viscosifying heavy brine fluids at elevated temperature and is an excellent friction reducer in coiled tubing workovers.
HE® 150 Polymer Completion Fluids: A superior, synthetic polymer especially designed for use in brines. Tolerant of divalent ions at high temps. Stimulation: An excellent viscosifier for HCI acid and other reservoir stimulation fluids.
HE® 300 Polymer HE® 300 Polymer provides stable viscosity in fresh water or heavy brines up to 465F, higher than with HE® 100 Polymer. It is more effective than HEC and xanthan gum at temperatures above 270F in all base fluids and polyacrylamide in brines above 200F.