Soltex® Potassium Additive

Potassium Soltex® Additive is a specially prepared potassium asphalt sulfonate made water soluble by a unique sulfonation process. It is a versatile, total mud conditioner that stabilizes shale formations, significantly increases lubricity, and lowers HTHP water loss.
Potassium Soltex® Additive enhances filter cake properties in both oil-based and water-based muds. Potassium Soltex® Additive, contributes water-soluble potassium ions to the mud system. This is beneficial in formations that require the specific action of potassium to adequately minimize water-induced clay swelling.
Special Information
Potassium Soltex® Additive is consumed on drilled solids and on the well bore. It is advisable to add 50% more Potassium Soltex® Additive one day following the initial treatment to ensure adequate concentration.
  • Controlled water and oil solubility to effect best chemical and physical performance
  • Minimizes damage to productive formations
  • Reacts with shale to prevent or stop sloughing and swelling
  • Significantly increases lubricity; either alone or synergistically with small amounts of oils and synthetics
  • Environmentally acceptable - is used on land and offshore
  • Extremely temperature stable - does not have the softening point typically associated with un-reacted asphaltic additives
  • Inhibits dispersion of drilled solids
  • Minimal and easily distinguishable fluorescence - does not hamper well logging or core analysis
  • Will not leave oil slick, sheen or rainbow on water at offshore locations
  • No emulsifiers needed to ensure proper mixing
  • Stable in drilling operations to 500 °F (260 °C)
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